We are thrilled to announce that we have been ranked #7 Top Philanthropists for Washington Small Businesses in 2022 by the Puget Sound Business Journal!

Proud to receive this honor is an understatement as philanthropy and community contribution are foundational pillars of who we are.

Each day, we push ourselves, the families we serve, and our team members to find causes they are passionate about and ways to bring positive change to our world.

Philanthropic Advising is a core service offering, helping families with plan development, donor advised funds, impact investing, charitable trusts, and private foundations so that they can maximize their wealth’s impact.

A huge thank you to all the organizations and non-profits we have partnered with this year!

Parcion was ranked #7 on the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropists list for small businesses, issued on 5/20/2022. The award is for the year 2022 and is based on research methodology. Parcion paid no compensation directly or indirectly in connection with obtaining or using the third-party rating.