Parcion Private Wealth, a Seattle-area wealth management firm focused on helping business owners and entrepreneurs optimize wealth events, is pleased to announce that Chief Executive Officer Terry Cook, CFP®, CIMA® has been recognized as one of the top-ranked wealth advisors in Washington. This is Cook’s fifth year being recognized on Forbes | SHOOK Research Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list.

The list, published on April 7, 2022, was compiled by SHOOK Research, which employed an algorithm of qualitative criteria, including in-person interviews, industry experience, compliance, and assets under management, to determine which advisors were featured. The award is for the period 2022 and is based on data as of 06/30/2021.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition,” Cook said. “Being listed among the top wealth advisors in the country is something I credit to the work of the entire Parcion Private Wealth team. It is thanks to the exceptional talent of our staff and our disciplined focus around first generation wealth creators and their families, that we are a top-choice multi-family office in the Pacific Northwest.”

Throughout his 30-year career, Cook has focused on providing advanced planning around cash flow modeling, wealth transfer goals, customized investment policies, and guidance through major liquidity events.

Cook founded Parcion Private Wealth alongside a veteran team of professionals in 2019 as an independent, multi-family office specifically focused on wealth events. As Chief Executive Officer, Cook has centered the firm around building strong partnerships between advisors and clients, helping them preserve the legacy they’ve built to support their families and communities.

Since its founding two and a half years ago, Parcion’s assets under management have more than doubled, and as important, the company has built an extraordinary team of advisors and wealth management professionals.

“At Parcion, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service that exceeds expectations,” Cook added. “This, coupled with the experience and expertise that we offer, is what will allow us to further expand our footprint in the industry and remain a trusted choice for business owners and entrepreneurs for years to come.”

Terry Cook was ranked on the Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list, issued on 4/7/2022 by SHOOK Research. The award is for the year 2022 and is based on research methodology. Parcion paid no compensation directly or indirectly in connection with obtaining or using the third-party rating.