What’s Next? Optimizing Personal Wealth Through a Business Sale and Beyond

A Podcast for Business Owners Exploring What’s Next

Terry Cook, CFP®, CIMA® is a nearly 30-year veteran of the wealth management industry, having spent the first decade of his career at Merrill Lynch, followed by 17 years as managing director and founder of the Cascade Group of UBS Private Wealth Management.

In 2019, Terry and partner Kyle Caouette launched Parcion Private Wealth in Bellevue, Washington, to cater exclusively to high-net-worth business owners and entrepreneurs planning for major wealth events – defined as the sale of a business or other significant transaction that fuels their financial future for years, decades or in some instances, generations.

Parcion operates as a virtual multi-family office designed to not only advocate for clients planning for and navigating wealth events, but also to meet their additional lifestyle management demands, from travel to health care. A key part of the firm’s approach is bringing clients’ existing teams – attorneys, accountants and other allied professions – together to work to establish a plan that addresses holistic well-being, beyond the liquidity event itself – in other words, what comes next.

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Donor-Advised Funds - A Primer with Colby Bircher

Join Terry Cook and Colby Bircher, vice president of charitable planning at Fidelity Charitable, as they discuss how donor-advised funds can be used as a tool for impactful philanthropic planning and the advantages of this form of charitable investing.

More resources at www.parcionpw.com and www.fidelitycharitable.org.

Private Aviation 101 with Craig Ross

Join Terry Cook and Craig Ross, CEO and Founder of Aviation Portfolio LLC as they discuss all things private aviation – from the various models currently in vogue to trends in private jet travel.  
More resources at www.parcionpw.com and www.aviationportfolio.com.

360-Degree Insurance Planning for Wealth Events with Lorrie Baldevia

Join Terry Cook and Lorrie Baldevia, Agency Chief Operating Officer for AssuredPartners in their Seattle office, as they discuss what business owners should consider – both from a business and a personal perspective – when navigating insurance planning and potential consulting services for a successful business transaction.

More resources at www.parcionpw.com and www.assuredpartners.com.

Engaging M&A Attorneys for Business Transactions with Tana Materi

Join Terry Cook and Carney Badley Spellman Mergers and Acquisition Attorney Tana Materi as they discuss what business owners should consider when choosing a mergers and acquisitions lawyer and share some tips for a successful transaction.

More resources at www.parcionpw.com and www.carneylaw.com.   

Engaging Investment Bankers for a Business Sale with Brian Murphy

Join Terry Cook and Meridian Capital Investment Bank President Brian Murphy as they discuss what business owners should consider when choosing an investment bank and how to go about the search for an investment banker.


More resources at www.parcionpw.com and www.meridianllc.com.  

Keys to Estate Planning with Eric Fahlman

Join Terry Cook and Fahlman Olson & Little, PLLC Co-Founder Eric Fahlman as they discuss estate planning basics and tools, such as Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATs) and Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts (IDGTs) and walk through a client case study, highlighting aspects that might apply to others going through a wealth event.

More resources at www.parcionpw.com and www.faolaw.com.

Overcoming Gender Bias to Amplify Women’s Voices with Kendall Anderegg

Join Terry Cook and Mutual Materials President Kendall Anderegg as they discuss unconscious gender bias in the workplace, what it means to be a strong female leader in a male-dominated industry and how colleagues can demonstrate effective allyship.

More resources at www.parcionpw.com and www.mutualmaterials.com.

Introduction to M&A for Business Owners with Michael Butler

Join host Terry Cook and Michael Butler, co-founder and CEO of Cascadia Capital, as they discuss what every business owner needs to know before selling a business. From selecting an investment banking partner to deciding whether moving forward with a sale is the best decision for you, Michael and Terry share what they’ve learned from their joint decades of experience overseeing mergers and acquisitions.

Learn how business owners and entrepreneurs can optimize a sale in Parcion’s whitepaper at parcionpw.com/whitepapers and visit www.cascadiacapital.com for more information on Cascadia Capital.

Exploring Opportunity Zones Part 2 with Peter Ciganik

In the second episode of our two-part series on Opportunity Zones, we dive into the “nuts and bolts” of this investment structure through the eyes of a developer. Host Terry Cook welcomes Peter Ciganik, managing director of strategy, research and investor relations at GTIS Partners, to share his insights on what factors to consider when evaluating a potential Opportunity Zone investment.

Learn more about opportunity zones in Parcion’s whitepaper at https://parcionpw.com/whitepapers and visit https://www.gtispartners.com for more information on GTIS Partners.

Exploring Opportunity Zones Part 1 with Greg Porter

In the inaugural episode of What’s Next?, CBIZ Berntson Porter Managing Director and co-founder of newly acquired Berntson Porter & Company, Greg Porter, joins Parcion Private Wealth’s Terry Cook to discuss the benefits of Qualified Opportunity Zone investments, a powerful tool that can significantly help mitigate the tax implications of wealth events such as the sale of a business.

Learn more about opportunity zones in Parcion’s whitepaper at https://parcionpw.com/whitepapers and visit https://www.bpcpa.com/ for more information on Berntson Porter, now CBIZ Berntson Porter.