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Team > Tenasha Trujillo
Team > Tenasha Trujillo

Tenasha Trujillo

Executive Assistant to CEO

As Executive Assistant to the CEO and Managing Principal, Tenasha Trujillo brings extensive experience working for top-level executives and their teams; optimizing relationships, resources, growth, and impact for the team, the organization, and most importantly, the families we serve.

Tenasha’s career includes several years supporting Founders and CEOs of family offices in the Greater Seattle Area, managing partnerships and relationships while collaborating with the executive team to implement the company’s mission and vision.

Tenasha has experience spanning world-class people-centric brands such as Nordstrom and Alaska Airlines as well as serving Founders, CEOs, and executive teams at companies through inception, growth, and maturity.

Tenasha graduated from the University of Washington. She’s passionate about continuing education, learning and development, and making an impact in her community. Born and raised in Seattle, Tenasha enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and trying new things!