Who We Serve

With a focus on first generation wealth creators, Parcion helps business owners with selling their company, gaining access to liquidity, optimizing transferable value, diversifying their concentration risk, and preparing for the next chapter of their lives.

We advocate for your personal wealth and lead the coordinated effort of your advisory team, including investment bankers, accountants and lawyers. We collaborate with these trusted professionals to optimize your priorities, especially when liquidity events are planned and executed.

As fiduciaries for our clients, we focus on your personal goals throughout the sale of a business — from cash flow optimization to tax mitigation, from estate planning to succession — with the singular objective of achieving your optimal financial world.

We work diligently to preserve and manage your wealth by helping you stay focused on driving purpose for yourself, your family, your business, and your broader community.

Parcion is an entrepreneurial practice aligned with our business owner clients. Facing similar challenges and energized by the same mindset, we are an independent venture committed to solving our clients’ unmet needs through innovation and service.